Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

It is a beautiful day. It has finally sunk in that I live in Hawaii. And I can breathe a lot slower and easier now that I have insurance--it is kind of an important thing for a pregnant woman to have. I just got the okay this morning! :) I haven't been able to go to a Dr. for the past two months, so I'm excited to see one finally, hopefully this next week. Hip, hip, hooray!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Check out! There you can post books, DVD's and games you don't need anymore and trade for ones you do want--super friendly for your wallet and for the environment. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras! Today is a day to feast, so enjoy! Eat lots of cookies and wash those down with milkshakes! :)
For Lent this year I've decided to give up Bubble Tea (A.K.A Boba). If you haven't tried it at least three times, you are missing out on a beautiful thing indeed. (I didn't like it until the third time I tried it, so there you have it.) I'm off to go enjoy my last one for awhile.

Monday, February 23, 2009


What do we have in common with the cast of Lost? We're back on the island! We got in safely (with all seven of our checked bags!) on Valentine's Day, and have been running around trying to get situated for the past week. There were a few times during our last week on the mainland that I wasn't sure we'd make it to Hawaii before the baby was born! It was intense! I didn't even get to go to our farewell show to say goodbye to family and friends, which was extremely sad for me and my little Rosebud. With something like three weeks to sell or pack all of our belongings, and with all the snow the last week we were there, I really don't even know how we got it all done, except that I had some awesome girls come over to help out. I couldn't have done it without Tiffany, Toni and Debbie!!! You went above and beyond the call of duty! :) And Amy actually flew from So. Cal to help and say goodbye! Doesn't that just touch the heart? :) Thank you so much for your help ladies!!!

Our little Rosebud is having way too much fun with her Grammi and Bop Bop. She has the undivided attention of everyone in the house, lots of fun new toys to explore, and is very busy taking care of her baby dolls. She has also graduated into a toddler bed here, which she thinks is fabulous, though she scoots out of it nightly and wakes us up whimpering, still asleep. We situate her back into bed, and there goes the routine.

Our youngest child is "running out of womb," and is trying to remedy the situation with 3am construction activities in there (lately I think she's been using a jackhammer). We have less than 8 weeks to go, or less than 6 if she's anything like her little sister. We're not quite ready for her...though I guess we will have to be if she comes early! :) We had to sell pretty much all of the baby gear before we left, so I'm keeping a keen eye out on craigslist for the stuff we can't live without (like an infant car seat!). The only item that has been an even trade has been the baby swing. We sold ours for $50 in CA, tithed $5 of that, and then bought one here off craigslist for $45. What a deal! But with the price of shipping to Hawaii, almost everything is way more expensive here than on craigslist than it is in CA, so that has been kind of disappointing. I've decided to not worry about it though, and I find comfort in constantly reminding myself that everything we have is a gift from God, from the breath in our lungs to the shoes on our feet. God provided all the things (and more!) that we needed for our little Rosebud, and he will provide for this baby too. Already we are in a beautiful home with a loving and supportive family to help out, we have our health, and the beach is less than a mile away! What more could we ask for, right?! :) We are definitely taken care of.

To all of our friends and family back on the mainland, we love you and hope you can find room for us in your future vacation plans, we'd love to see you! And to all of our friends here in Hawaii, sorry we've been jet lagged, but let's hang out, we can't wait to catch up on life! :)