Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wow! I have a three month old! And an almost two year old, when did that get so close? I have been having a really outrageously good time being a Mommy. It has been really hard without their Daddy home for over three weeks now, but I've been learning a lot. The funny thing is that with all the help I've had with the kiddos, I wasn't very confident in taking care of them by myself. Last weekend my parents were away on a trip to the Big Island and I got a taste of what it's like raising two kiddos on my own without help, though I have nothing on single moms. They have jobs on top of the full time job of raising kids, and I have a day to count down to when I can see my husband again, Lord willing...5 more days!!!
Anywho, the girls and I have been having a lot of fun enjoying one another's company. My three month old is extremely smiley and talkative, loves the ceiling fan (thinks it's hilarious), sleeps great at night, and is very intent on watching her sister's every move. My little toddler is addicted to waffles and Boba (bubble tea for all of you in the islands), loves walking to the beach with her Bop Bop and playing with her Grammi, reading books, tubby time, going to the zoo, watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (she knows just who to ask to watch it too...), and is talking up a storm!!! I need Dada's computer to download pictures, but I'll try to get some new ones up asap.
Love to you all!!! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the stand-off

I had a 45 minute stand-off with my beautiful little girl this evening. It was sad. She was not obeying very well, and though I can reason it away as a teething, sleepy, missing her Daddy sort of temperament, it isn't good or safe for her to not obey her parents, so I brought in the reinforcements: time out. All she had to do to get out was say sorry for not obeying (just a quick "sorry" would have sufficed). She cried and screamed and mournfully yelled out the names of toys in the room she wanted to be playing with at the moment ("Bllloooocks....baaaabieeees, etc.). I kept repeating in an even voice that she could definitely play with them after she said sorry. 45 minutes later a small sorry escaped her lips, followed by a hug and a kiss, and off she went playing.

Kids are supposed to be testing their boundaries as they figure out their little place in life, and parents are supposed to stand their ground when the battles warrant being fought, but boy it's tiring! It isn't easy being a Mommy...especially one who's husband is a touring musician. Sigh.

On a happy note, she immediately forgot the trauma and we played tons, read books, and I got to cuddle her to sleep. I thank God every day for these two little sweethearts.