Sunday, November 27, 2011

Florida Fun

How to survive flying across an ocean and a continent with three kiddos: much energy and creativity (Here Nathan is building a tent), snacks galore (more for me than the kiddos), and a bottomless bag of cheap toys (a bag of $0.99 plastic frogs saved my sanity for half an hour...)

The Cousins!!! Way too much cuteness here, it was just one long precious moment that lasted two weeks! 

Bonita Beach, awesome shells!

Naples Zoo with the family. You can tell they're brothers a mile away! I got stung by a bee here, but I have no hard feelings against the Zoo, it was gorgeous there. :)

The Southernmost Point of the USA! Key West was absolutely packed full of a fabulous eccentric vibe. The history there is intriguing, and the photo opps are plentiful! Nathan is totally holding Sam in the butterfly pic, I was super impressed.)

Going on a baby alligator hunt!

Super fun trip!!! Thank you for letting me share it with you! :)

Love, Jess