Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jess vs. Netflix

Last night I had a huge dilemma after putting the kids to bed. Crazy tired, I wanted to veg out with Netflix for company, but I'm desperately trying to live in the real world and not fill my head with useless (however entertaining) TV shows. So... the battle began. It was a tough one, and I really had to distract myself and ignore my pretty convincing tired inner self's argument for "much needed relaxation." Instead of touching the computer, this is what I did:

  • vacuumed
  • did dishes
  • swept 
  • mopped the kitchen and entry way
  • vacuumed and scrubbed our ceiling fan
  • scrubbed the bathroom
  • bleached the shower curtains
  • cleaned the fish tank
  • cleaned the toaster oven
  • re-potted the "love fern"
  • re-swept and mopped the kitchen after a re-potting incident
  • scrubbed the cabinets
  • tidied up
I ended the night sore, yet triumphant. I love the feeling of having a clean living space, though it lasted only until the girls woke up... :)