Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My heart can't handle this

Yesterday was a emotional day. We drove from Texas to Arkansas. When we hit Oklahoma, my Dad mentioned the Federal Building Museum, and over the whistling of Bertha, I wasn't comprehending that he was talking about the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Because of this, I hadn't prepared myself for the impact the site and museum would have on my my tender heart. There's a room in the Museum that is supposed to represent a Board of Water hearing of some sort that happened across the road from the Federal Building that fateful morning. You get to listen to the recording from that morning's meeting, which kind of drones on...and without warning you hear the bomb going off, the lights flash, and pictures of the victims faces light up on the opposite wall. It was intense.
After all of that, we met up with Nathan's Brother Jordan in an Arkansas Laundromat--I hadn't seen him in two and a half years. He's on a bicycle trip across the country, which is ridiculously hard core. He got to meet his niece, use the RV shower, hang out with us at an awesome diner where the locals gathered for karaoke, and then spent the night on the RV's couch. It was all kind of surreal, all of us meeting up in a state we had never been in. It was hard to say goodbye knowing that we had a nice, plush RV to continue on our journey in, and Jordan would have to ride off on his less-than-comfy bike into the great unknown. God speed brother.

Living Large in Texas

(I wrote this blog on Monday while we were driving and couldn't post until today when we finally got hooked up to the internet.)

We’re having a grand ‘ol time on our RV tour across America. Our little Rosebud is an excellent traveler--she’s been sleeping through most of the driving, but wakes up the second her Daddy or Grandpa puts Bertha the Whale Guppy in park (we named her that for obvious reasons). Right now Bertha is hauling us down Georgia Street in Amarillo TX. Wow, we just turned the corner and the bag of dirty clothes fell off the overhead bed and hit Nathan square on the head. Anyway, this city closes down on Mondays, so we got here a day late or maybe a day early, but there have been some amusing signs to take pictures of, and every once an awhile a group of people stop and point to our RV as we drive by, so I’m having fun imagining what they’ve got to say about it all.
My Mom and I decided to put on make-up this after we ran into a lady in the RV park who looked like she had a blast with her cosmetics this morning. “When in Texas…” We chatted with said woman for a bit before Mom brought up the fact that our little one is teething and that some people don’t believe in rubbing bourbon on teething baby gums. “Who doesn’t believe in that???!” Mom finked me out, pointing back at me. “Well I’ve rubbed a bit of whisky on all my kid’s gums…and my Mom rubbed it on our gums…” Great, making friends with the locals.

Friday, June 20, 2008

RV living

We're going on day two of our three week RV tour across America. My parents, husband, baby and I are in Utah today, looking forward to seeing lots of flat salt, I hear it's a super exciting sight and that you can drive really fast on it. My hope is that we can break some sort of RV speed record while we're here...we'll see if they let me behind the wheel, I'm sure I could do it.
Why haven't I updated this in forever? Two words: Whooping Cough. Two more: No Fun. :)
Have a great day!!!