Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We've been constantly signing to our little one from the beginning in hopes of her learning more than one language (we also throw Spanish and Italian in there, with the occasional Hawaiian words--we're probably confusing her...). Besides obviously understanding some of the signs and the one time she copied me when I was signing "snake," she hadn't attempted to sign anything past waving goodbye, blowing kisses, and pointing at what she wanted...until yesterday! First she signed "all done" after lunch when I asked her if she was finished. Then, while visiting our lovely neighbor who has a sweet dog, and our little Rosebud started tapping her Daddy's leg and then her leg, and saying "puh puh." We affirmed her with "that's right, puppy, good girl!"

This morning she woke up from a nap and grabbed her dolly. She held up her dolly's arm, and while scratching under the armpit, said "tickle tickle tickle tickle." It is way too fun being a Mommy.


Kristin said...

I love signing! Isn't it fun?

Brittney Harmon said...

Sati is loving sign now... she has 15-20 signs under her belt (she would probably have more if we were more consistent with our signing, but we're just too laid back for that). They're not always completely accurate, and sometimes she just makes stuff up but it is so cute to watch the little ones sign. Maybe we can get the kidlings together and they can have their own little signing session.