Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who needs a maid?!

Mommy's Little Helper can push the load of laundry from my bathroom, through my room, down the hall, through the kitchen, down another hall and into the laundry room. The struggle is getting the clothes into the washer before she pushes the basket back to it's "home" in my bathroom. She always gets a free ride around the house in the basket for her efforts. It really makes the chore a whole lot more enjoyable for me as well, even though it takes 20x longer! :)
I remember loving sitting on the counter as a little girl and "helping" my Mommy do the dishes. I'm sure I wasn't much of a help, but it was always pleasant doing "big kid" chores back then. Now I sometimes feel like all I do is chores, and it's not quite as fun as I remember. Funny, chores haven't changed, only my perspective on them has.

It's hard to appreciate the mundane, necessary and seemingly tedious activities of life sometimes. But what if every time I had to vacuum, I spent the time being really grateful for having the arms and legs necessary for vacuuming. Every time we do dishes, we can be thankful for God's provision of food on the table.

I also find it helpful to talk on the phone while I'm cleaning, since picking up toys and scrubbing counters are mindless activities anyway. Before I know it, I'm done and I've caught up with an old friend (or more likely, found out what my Mom has been up to since the last time I called her... 45 minutes before).

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sherry said...

Those little legs are so sweet. I'm glad you have such a cute helper.

Anonymous said...

I always love the way you look at things! A positive attitude goes a long way. Amy

Anonymous said...
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Brittney Harmon said...

that's amazing!!!