Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun in the sun

The girls enjoyed hanging out with their cousins last weekend!

Our littlest one is three weeks old today, I cannot believe it. Time sure flies when you don't sleep :)

Our biggest little one just had her first dentist appointment yesterday. Her Dada went in with her, and I got to sit in the waiting room listening to my daughter screaming. I think it scarred all three of us. As a reward we got her some sushi, her absolute favorite treat (can you tell we rarely give her sweets? :) ) She loves it so much she speaks of it in a hushed whisper, "sushi," and asks for it (in a hushed whisper, of course) whenever we are going anyplace in the car.

She just went to the beach with her Grammi. Littlest one is sleeping in my lap (her days and nights are flipped). I'm feeling blessed... and loopy from lack of sleep. :)


Brittney Harmon said...

Our little one loves sushi, too! Funny!! Can you blame them? I mean what's better? We need to take Sati to the Dentist also... I'm putting it off.

sherry said...

Looks like you're having fun (minus the dentist part). Cadence and I feel the same way about the dentist!

The girls are beautiful. Congratulations on all the joy. Hopefully, Sophia will decide that she loves to sleep during the nighttime pretty soon :)

Dustin said...

Little Sophia is absolutely precious! Congratulations on your latest addition. Being a mommy is so great! I love reading your blog and all the sweet things Cadi does and the sweet way Sophia sleeps. I often look down at Katie and it makes my eyes water as well. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your little ones.
-Jamie Hobbs

Dustin said...
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