Thursday, May 21, 2009

My vote went to Danny

Okay, yes, I admit that I followed American Idol this season. It was my toddler's favorite show besides Mickey Mouse, and it was recorded, so we got to zoom by the commercials, which was a plus. My favorite contestant was Danny Gokey. He just seemed like a fun kid you would know from youth group, and he had a lot of character in his voice. Danny's a worship leader from Milwaukee who's wife recently passed away of a heart condition (check out, a non-profit organization he founded in her honor). He made it to the top three, but Paula picked a really bad song for him, and the other guys were just really good, so alas, Danny didn't make it to finals. Sad. So while my parents were voting for Adam (my Mom voted 200 times), and my husband was voting for Kris (sorry love, hope that doesn't ruin your reputation), I decided to forgo the texting and not vote at all. I liked Kris' style and thought Adam was amazingly talented, but as a disheartened Gokey fan, it didn't really matter which of the two won. Did any of you vote?

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