Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pirates 4--good news or bad news???

My husband went to the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 open casting call today. They're looking for pirates and sailors for the filming here (as well as girl Olympic swimmers...). After he waited in all the lines and jumped through all the hoops and shouted "yo ho", he asked when he would find out if he made it. The lady told him it could be two weeks to three months, but that to be honest, he was probably too good looking.
Is this about the only time one would feel bummed out by being told that?!
He's going to be 28 this coming Friday, we're really excited that our friends Dennis and Julija will be in town for it.


Random Flair said...

hahahahaha :) love you both - and Denis & Julia!

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Marisa! said...

Oh man! Was hitting "next blog" when I came upon yours. I definitely want to know if he makes it into POTC4!

Colleen said...

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wheatgerm said...

There are too many pirates

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