Monday, March 12, 2012

The Butterfly Effect...Metamorphosis, that is...

I LOVE teaching the life cycle of a butterfly. It is absolutely darling to hear a 2-year-old pronounce "metamorphosis" with authority, and then act out the egg hatching into a caterpillar, wrapping into a chrysalis, and then emerging as a butterfly and flying away.

We found four teeny little caterpillars on a bush and made a new home for them in a vase containing sticks and leaves, covered with some tulle netting. When my husband picked up some fresh leaves for them, he brought home a 5th caterpillar. When we brought some more leaves we didn't see any caterpillars... but a couple days later a teensy little guy appeared, bringing the total to seven! Can you see how this could become the never-ending science project?

This little one was the last to turn into a chrysalis. It was so exciting to watch with the girls!

There he goes shedding his caterpillar-ness!

Our first butterfly!

She's testing out her new wings :)

This butterfly walked onto m hand before she flew away! My 4-year-old begged to let the next one walk on her hand.

Butterfly #2!

(Yes, my girls were really dressed like that when it emerged...)

The release party!

She got her wish!!!