Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sam I Am is 1! A Dr. Seuss-themed 1st birthday party

For Sam's 1st birthday I had so much fun with the Dr. Seuss theme! I absolutely LOVE Dr. Seuss, and since the party was the day after Dr. Seuss' b-day, the theme was highly appropriate for our little Sam I am. 

I found this idea on pinterest, I later labeled them Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing3!

I did not use this marshmallow pop idea because it didn't smush evenly, but it was tasty!

I frosted and decorated the cake seconds before bringing it out, and wasn't worried...he was about to make a mess out of it anyway, right?

I love this child!

Our little family!

Some of Sam's friends!

I had this book out for friends to sign.

I covered a box with wrapping paper to prop up the cupcakes. I made the cupcake decorations by copying and pasting pics of book covers off the net onto word, and making them all tiny. Then I taped them to toothpicks.
This is the first time I've ever tried to make frosting from scratch, so tasty!

These green eggs were so easy! I melted white chocolate and dropped it in spoonfuls onto waxed paper, put an M & M on each one, and let them cool. Yum!

Easy marshmallow pops! Dipped in melted candy and then in sprinkles.

Yertle the turtles! Pretzel, rollo, pecan, heavenly!

Bad pic of a fun Swedish Fish in blue jello. These were awesome..until they melted. Then they looked like little red tongues, eww.

Strawberry lemonade Pik Ink Yink Drink and Beezlenut Splash

I decorated the house with books, this was a tribute to P.D. Eastman shelf, no one complained about the non-Seuss-ness of it :)

The adults need a game too!

The birthday boy had so much fun!!!

I need to get pics from my Dad, he took all the active shots of the games and all, I mostly took ones after the fact, but I wanted to share! :)

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