Monday, April 28, 2008

Toe blues

I broke my toe. It's the one next to the pinky on my left foot (ring toe?). I broke it a month ago.

There was this nagging pain coming from the general direction of my left foot, and I kept making a mental note to check it when I had a free second.

A month went by.

I just noticed it a couple days ago, this huge, pink, swollen "ring toe" the size of my thumb. My mom (x-ray tech) asked me if I pulled on it. (?) So I decided to pull on it. Excruciating pain. I limped around the house for two days. I told my husband I would need to go to the doctor. He mentioned that all they could do it tape it. Tape. Hmmm.

I taped up my "ring toe" to my middle toe, and it worked! My toes don't look too classy (recognize the nail polish Jamiey?), but they feel like a million bucks! :)


Jessica Emmans, Kyle Booterbaugh, and Nathan Emmans said...

Cute toes though... too bad. I don't know how long those things last. I hope it's not too long for you. ;)

colette ashley said...

you should probably go to the dr. if it is broken and you don't do anything about it (ie- get it set right, etc) it will heal wrong or get infected and they will have to re-break it and set it right, and that hurts more than you can imagine....

so take care of yourself for goodness sakes! that's why you have insurance! use it!

Rosebud Organics said...

Wow Colette, that's a worse-case scenario if I've ever heard one! Don't scare me like that! :)

sherry said...

According to WebMD, you're on the right track. :)