Friday, June 20, 2008

RV living

We're going on day two of our three week RV tour across America. My parents, husband, baby and I are in Utah today, looking forward to seeing lots of flat salt, I hear it's a super exciting sight and that you can drive really fast on it. My hope is that we can break some sort of RV speed record while we're here...we'll see if they let me behind the wheel, I'm sure I could do it.
Why haven't I updated this in forever? Two words: Whooping Cough. Two more: No Fun. :)
Have a great day!!!


sherry said...

Oh no! Poor baby! I'm assuming she's all better now?

Considering your giddy excitement, I hope they don't let you drive...for the safety of all involved.

Enjoy your adventure!

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope the RV isn't a stick or you won't be breaking any speed records! =)