Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Face

Our little one has a new favorite face to make when she's feeling contemplative. She doesn't have her top front teeth yet, so it's a fairly easy face to make. She just had the best time tonight hanging out with two little friends, Emily and Lucy. Em and Lulu are sisters, so watching the dynamics of those two absolute sweethearts with totally different personalities made me all the more excited about the future interactions of my little one with her upcoming sister. That's right, they tell us it's a girl!
Shout out: Some other friends of ours just had a little girl this month as well, a beautiful little Bella! Yey for babies!
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Morgan Jane said...

Another girl, hooray! I'm so excited for you guys. How have you been feeling?

Brittney Harmon said...

congrats!! girls are sooo much fun!

Kevin and Keri Sheckler said...

Having two girls is a lot of fun. A lot of pink and fufu stuff in the house as well. At least the girls like to play ball with daddy.:)

colette ashley said...

thanks and so exciting for you! perhaps they wouldn't mind playing with bella one of these days :)