Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What's in a dream?

Last night I had a frustrating dream. I went into labor early and had three beautiful Asian babies, two boys and a girl. It was all kind of a blur and I was trying to get used to the idea of triplets while having a foggy new mommy mind. Before I knew it, they were three days old, and I hadn't been able to start feeding them yet!
We happened to be in Hawaii vacationing with my parents, and of course, we took the kiddos for a speed boat ride to a tourist attraction of an island. (?) There were babies in car seats all around and I couldn't find my kids! When I would find one, I'd lose them before I found the next one. Finally I managed to get two of them, and one had taken his clothes off and was covered with poo. I started trying to feed him then and there, while the girl in my other arm was wriggling... and I couldn't remember her name! This is the really frustrating part. For the rest of the dream, I could only remember the names of two of the three at one time. When I finally remembered the girls name, I couldn't recall one of the boys.
I went to my husband for help with this, and he very piously quoted some scriptures and said it would come to me. He refused to tell me the name of our baby, even though I cried and told him I was going insane! So I asked for a divorce. Then I woke up to the sound of my actual child crying, and while slightly upset with him about it, told my husband the dream. He agreed that it was terrible, told me not to say the "D" word and went back to sleep.
Does anyone feel like psychoanalyzing me here?


Brittney Harmon said...

wow... that's a good one. Did you ever disappear and then come back in a different place? I always love that one.

speaking of dreams... Danny and I had the same dream a few nights apart. WEIRD!!!

Glad none of that really happened, and that you're still married... haha (although, I usually stay mad at Danny for a little while after I wake up... I cant help it!)

colette ashley said...

weird baby dreams must be going around... i have them nightly and had a really weird one just before bella was born... i'll tell you about it sometime, headless babies and triplets too, weird.