Saturday, September 3, 2011

Apartment School ;)

We just finished week 2 of homeschooling in our teeny tiny apartment. Right after breakfast, I clear the table, strap Sam in my front carrier, get out my wooden spoon "pointer," and tell the girls it's school time. They LOVE it! Cadi thinks it's a game, and constantly asks to "play school," calling me "teacher." Sophi cannot get enough of art--she can cut and glue for an hour uninterrupted! 

I taught preschool as a lead teacher for 2 years, so I have tons of great theme-based units in my pocket to use, but I found an amazing site called Hubbard's Cupboard... and it's all free! We are going through the Bible and Rhyme 3-5 year old lessons, and oh my goodness does Michelle Hubbard have it all together! Check it out if you need any homeschooling, classroom, Sunday school, or fun with your kid ideas! 
 Got this gently used calendar/bulletin board set on e-bay for $10, woo-who! 
I would love to hear of any homeschool ideas anyone might have, I'm new to this! :)


Kevin and Bekah said...

I hope you continue to post more about your home school - I'm excited to see everything!!

Rosebud Organics said...
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Rosebud Organics said...

Thanks Bekah! I would love to keep you updated, these past 3 weeks of school have been an absolute blast! :) Just curious, are you guys thinking of homeschooling?

Kevin and Bekah said...

I'm not totally on board with homeschooling but I haven't ruled it out yet either. We aren't in a great area for public schools and Cali is having a rough time with our public education. I have 4 years to decide for Kindergarten, but I doubt we will be able to pay for preschool so I am open to ideas home home-preschool :)

Rosebud Organics said...

Hey Bekah!
Home preschool is super fun, and after teaching preschool for 2 years, I realized that you can literally get the "teaching" part done in less than an hour a day, and have a much more in depth and personalized approach than you can when teaching a class of 18 kiddos. At this age (and all ages, let's be serious!), they learn best through play anyway. When it is FUN and when it is something they are INTERESTED in, you can't hold them back from learning! :) Of course there is the social aspect too, and you just need to schedule play dates and get involved around the community. And field trip opportunities are everywhere! :)
Even if you don't "homeschool," as a mommy you are still going to do the same sort of enriching games and activities anyway, just maybe not on such a "structured" level. Isn't parenting fun?!!! :)