Friday, September 9, 2011

Tag blankie

This is a tag blankie that I made for little Sam. I have made one for each of my kiddos because regular blankets are overwhelming for me, and it just seems much more likely that a tag blankie could be finished before the child is one. 

Never made a tag blankie before? It's super easy! 

I googled "cowboy," and found a fun sherif's star that I printed, cut, and traced on jeans. I then cut out that star and sewed it onto the horseshoe fabric. I sewed around it three times to look imperfect and to secure the jeans (they fray like crazy!). 

To embroider the name, I wrote it with a washable marker, slapped an embroidery hoop on it, and "traced" his info with embroidery. It's as calming to me as coloring was as a kid!

Then I put the fabric right sides together and stuck loops of ribbon between the two pieces, loops on the inside.

To finish, I sewed around the whole thing, leaving a three inch opening to pull the fabric out right side up. Then I sewed the opening closed.

Doesn't he look snug? He loves this thing, he chews on it ferociously! :) 

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