Monday, May 12, 2008

destined to be like me

My husband and I were going to wait until our 'lil one got her first tooth to start her on food (God's way of telling us she was ready), and wanted to wait until she was two before giving her occasional sweets. Well, Little Miss. Rosebud had her first taste of solid food this week, though not one pearly white was present. Rice cereal, you ask? Nope. Pureed Veggies? Not those either. For her first taste ever of any food besides her Mommy's milk, she had... a chocolate chip cookie. A loving family member took notice of her interest in his chocolate chip cookie, and without thinking, he offered it to her. Great, now she's destined to have a whole set of sweet teeth, just like her Mommy!


sherry said...

That picture is definitely baby book/scrapbook worthy;)

I'm all about slipping licks of lollipops, but be strong. My sister was crazy about not giving Cameron sugar, and she exposed him to all types of foods, and it worked! That kid will eat anything, and he managed not to inherit our family's ubiquitous sweet tooth! The little one was eating sugar from a very young age, and he only likes crud. Coincidence?

adrian said...

this happened to my first child as well. i had all rosey visions of him never having sweets until he was 25...and then my mother-in-law feeds him not one, but two pieces of chocolate!! ahhhH!!! and i have a sweet tooth as well. now that i have 3 babies, i know keeping them from chocolate in our house is next to impossible...and i now bake them cookies on special occasions. something i hope they will treasure and do with their kids someday ;)

Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

Well a little sugar is good for us all, especially the natural ones like milk chocolate ;)

Rosebud Organics said...

~Thanks for the reassurance Sherry! :)

~Adrian, I'm with you on the whole baking them sweets as a special occasion thing. I treasure the memories of baking cookies with my Mom!

~Kyle, as you well know, she is sweet enough! :) Just like your little Booterbaby will be :)