Thursday, May 29, 2008

Skin Deep

Here's a site you can check out to see what you're putting on your skin (bit only if you really want to know!). I looked up my cheapo shampoo and was appalled! On the bright side though, as we run out of toilitry necessities, and as the budget allows, we've been replacing items with healthy alternatives, like Burt's Bees and Tom's of Maine. (We got Tom's toothpaste at Sam's Club not too long ago at such a great deal, 3 for $9. Woo-hoo! My mouth is minty fresh with it as I type this.) Life is too short to be hyper paraniod about everything we come in contact with, but as much as possible, it's nice to limit contact with harmful chemicals. :) Have a nice day, I'm off to garden.

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