Thursday, May 8, 2008

Squeaky Clean and Mooing!

I was cleaning the house today when the thought hit me: paying someone to clean the house and paying a gym membership is like paying to workout and paying someone else to workout at the same time (plus gas!).

And by what means, you might ask, was I cleaning? I absolutely love Holy Cow! I'm hooked on their all purpose cleaner (it's pink, very pretty). Their products have organic, natural, biodegradable ingredients without toxic fumes, safe for people and the environment. I'm not a huge fan of the streaking left by their window cleaner, but I haven't tried wiping it off with newspaper (old family secret for cleaning windows, try it!), and at least it doesn't make me nauseous like Windex.
Of course, if there were no Holy Cow in the world, there would still be good 'ol fashioned vinegar! It never ceases to amaze me, vinegar cleans everything! Here are 1001 uses for vinegar, check it out! You can add a tip if you know one they haven't posted yet.
Happy cleaning :)


sherry said...

I've never bought Holy Cow (because the pink scares me), but I love, love, love the JR Watkins Lemon scented all purpose cleaner (at Target and online). It's also non-toxic/biodegradable, and the smell is amazingly fresh.

The Cruncy Domestic Goddess posted about cleaning naturally today, too!

Kristin said...

I clean most everything with vinegar, and lemon. I don't love the smell that vinegar leaves behind, but I love how cheap it is!

I use method or seventh generation products too...

I'm going to check out that Holy cow stuff!